Ultimate Oval-Cut Diamond Buying Guide: Tips & Insights

The oval-cut diamond offers a stunning combination of elegance and brilliance. With its elongated shape and brilliant faceting, the oval cut diamond is a popular choice for those seeking a unique and eye-catching gemstone. Here's a comprehensive oval-cut diamond buying guide to help you choose the best oval-cut diamond.

Characteristics and Features

The oval-cut diamond possesses distinct characteristics and features that contribute to its captivating allure. Our oval-cut diamond buying guide will help you navigate through the various characteristics and features of this precious metal.

Elongated Shape

The oval-cut diamond is renowned for its elongated shape, reminiscent of a perfectly proportioned oval. Its unique cut features 58 facets, which allow for exceptional light reflection and brilliance. The elongated shape creates an illusion of greater size, making it an ideal choice for those who want a bold and visually striking diamond.

Brilliance, Fire, and Visual Appeal

One of the key factors determining an oval-cut diamond's overall beauty is its cut quality. The precision of the cut directly influences the diamond's brilliance, fire, and visual appeal. A well-cut oval diamond will showcase excellent sparkle and light performance. 

The facets should be symmetrically arranged, reflecting light evenly across the surface of the stone. When viewed from above, the diamond should exhibit a pleasing balance of flashes and scintillation.

Factors to Consider When Buying Oval-Cut Diamonds

When choosing an oval-cut diamond, several factors can greatly impact the diamond's overall beauty and visual appeal. Just like how you would look for other diamonds, cut proportions, symmetry, and polish are aspects to consider when looking for the perfect oval-cut diamond. 

Cut Proportions

When choosing an oval-cut diamond, pay attention to the proportions of the stone. The length-to-width ratio affects the overall appearance of the diamond on your finger. A ratio between 1.35 and 1.50 is generally considered ideal, creating a well-balanced oval shape.


Look for a diamond with excellent symmetry, ensuring that each side mirrors the other. Symmetry influences the diamond's overall appearance and determines how well it reflects and refracts light.


A high-quality polish is essential for an oval-cut diamond. It determines the smoothness of the diamond's surface, which enhances its brilliance. Choose a diamond with an excellent polish grade to ensure its visual appeal.

The Ideal Setting for Oval-Cut Diamonds

The oval cut diamond looks breathtaking in various setting styles. One popular setting choice is the solitaire engagement ring, which features a single oval diamond held by prongs. 

This classic design highlights the beauty and elegance of the diamond by allowing maximum light exposure for optimal sparkle. When choosing a solitaire setting, consider a slim and delicate band to accentuate the elongated shape of the diamond and create a timeless and sophisticated look.

Get Oval-Cut Diamonds Today

Purchasing an oval-cut diamond is an exciting and significant investment. With this oval-cut diamond buying guide, you can trust that you're buying a diamond that is worth the investment.

Considering important factors such as cut proportions, symmetry, and polish ensures that you choose a diamond with exceptional brilliance and visual appeal. Combining the oval cut diamond with a carefully selected setting, such as a solitaire engagement ring, will create a stunning piece of jewelry that reflects your unique style and will be cherished for years to come.