Emerald Cut Diamond Buying Guide: Find Your Perfect Gem

When it comes to selecting the perfect diamond, the emerald cut stands out with its exceptional elegance and timeless appeal. With its unique step-cut facets and striking rectangular shape, an emerald cut exudes sophistication and grace. 

In this emerald cut diamond buying guide, we will explore essential aspects of the emerald cut, including its characteristics, features, and how it appears when set in different settings. Here's everything you need to know before purchasing one.

The Characteristics of an Emerald Cut

An emerald cut is distinct with its elongated rectangular shape and trimmed corners, creating a mesmerising hall-of-mirrors effect. Its step-cut faceting allows for broad, flat planes known as "steps," which reveal the stone's internal clarity and magnificent sparkle. Use our emerald cut diamond buying guide to find out if this is the perfect diamond cut for you.

Elegant Shape and Cut

The silhouette of the emerald cut is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and classic look. The straight lines and trimmed corners of this diamond contribute to its architectural appeal, providing a touch of structured beauty to the overall design.

While some emerald cut diamonds are perfectly square, most are elongated. This creates a flattering rectangular shape that enhances the diamond's overall appearance. The elongated silhouette adds a sense of grace and sophistication to the diamond when set in a ring or other piece of jewellery.

The diamond's elegant shape and cut make it a popular choice for those who appreciate understated luxury. Its clean lines and timeless design lend themselves to a variety of styles and settings, making it a versatile choice. When you choose this diamond cut, you are embracing a look that will never go out of style, always exuding a sense of sophistication and refined beauty.

Hall of Mirrors Effect

The emerald cut features a fascinating optical phenomenon known as the "hall of mirrors" effect. This effect is a result of the diamond's step-cut faceting pattern, which creates a unique visual display. The step facets, with their long and uninterrupted surfaces, are responsible for this captivating illusion.

As light enters and interacts with the diamond, it reflects off the step facets, creating a series of reflections and refractions. These reflections bounce back and forth, creating a dazzling display of lights, giving the impression of a "hall of mirrors." This effect adds depth and dimension to the diamond, showcasing its intricate beauty with understated elegance.

The "hall of mirrors" effect is one of the distinct and enchanting qualities of an emerald cut diamond. When you wear or admire this type of diamond, you'll be captivated by the way it sparkles and shimmers, truly appreciating the intricate facets and the optical magic it creates.

Internal Clarity

When examining an emerald cut solitaire stone, you'll notice that its large, open table and step-cut faceting offer a clear view of the diamond's internal characteristics. Prioritise clarity to ensure that any inclusions or blemishes are not overly noticeable to the naked eye.

In your search for the perfect diamond, consider choosing a clarity grade of SI1 (slightly included) or higher. This clarity grade provides an excellent balance between quality and value, allowing you to enjoy a diamond with minimal imperfections that may impact its overall beauty. 


It's natural to think that a larger carat weight means a bigger diamond. However, carat weight alone doesn't solely determine the diamond's overall beauty or value. While a larger carat size can indeed make a diamond visually striking, aspects like cut quality, clarity, and colour also play important roles in determining a diamond's beauty and worth. 

So, when assessing diamonds based on carat weight, be sure to consider the balance of all these factors to find a diamond that not only looks impressive in size but also exceptional brilliance and quality.

Emerald Cut Diamond Buying Guide: The Importance of Cut Quality

When it comes to a step-cut diamond, cut quality determines its brilliance, fire, and overall visual appeal. Like choosing any diamond, several factors affect the brilliance of this design.


Focus on the ideal length-to-width ratios and the balanced arrangement of step facets. A well-proportioned diamond will have these features, resulting in a visually pleasing and balanced result. 

To ensure the best outcome, the recommended length-to-width ratio for an emerald diamond is between 1.30 and 1.50. This range allows for a flattering and visually balanced appearance, highlighting the diamond's elongated shape while maintaining a sense of harmony.


Symmetry refers to how well the diamond's facets align and interact with each other. Examine how well its facets align and interact with each other. Excellent symmetry is key to ensuring that no facets overpower others, resulting in a harmonious and visually appealing diamond. 

When you choose a diamond with exceptional symmetry, it allows the diamond to exhibit its full potential for brilliance and sparkle. The balanced and symmetrical arrangement of facets creates a sense of unity and harmony, enhancing the overall beauty and visual appeal of the stone.


When considering the polish of a diamond, focus on the quality of the surface finish. Specifically, a diamond with excellent polish will offer you a smooth and flawless surface. This smoothness plays a significant role in maximizing the diamond's brilliance, allowing light to reflect and refract beautifully, ultimately enhancing its overall beauty. 

This ensures that your diamond radiates a stunning and captivating sparkle, making it a truly eye-catching choice.

Pros and Cons

A solitaire emerald cut ring is a popular choice for those searching for a sophisticated and timeless look. Before making a purchase, weigh up the pros and cons in this emerald cut diamond buying guide to be sure it's perfect for you.

Advantages of the Emerald Cut

  • Emerald cut diamonds often appear larger due to their wide surface area, creating a striking visual presence.
  • Their timeless and elegant look, with straight lines and trimmed corners, adds a sophisticated touch.
  • The step-cut pattern produces a unique optical effect known as the hall of mirrors, showcasing a subtle and refined elegance.
  • The large table offers excellent visibility into the stone's internal features, emphasising its clarity.

Downsides of the Emerald Cut

  • This cut may exhibit less brilliance and sparkle compared to other diamond cuts, attributing to their step-cut faceting pattern.
  • The large facets can potentially make any internal inclusions or blemishes more visible to the naked eye.
  • Achieving the desired visual effect may require selecting a higher-quality stone, which can result in a higher overall cost.

Selecting the Ideal Setting

Finding the perfect setting for your diamond further showcases its inherent beauty and elegance. Each option offers a unique way to enhance the allure of your diamond.

Solitaire Setting

A popular setting for emerald cut diamonds is the classic solitaire setting, which allows the diamond to take centre stage without distraction. The clean lines and elegant simplicity of a solitaire setting highlight the striking beauty of the step cut.

At Niche Diamonds, we offer a stunning collection of solitaire engagement rings, expertly crafted to showcase the brilliance of your chosen stone. Explore our solitaire engagement ring collection and discover the perfect setting to complement your diamond's timeless beauty.

Halo Setting

When you choose a halo setting, your diamond will be encircled by an array of smaller diamonds or gemstones. This design choice not only enhances the overall appearance of your diamond but also adds brilliance to your ring.

The halo setting creates a beautiful contrast between the centre emerald cut diamond and the surrounding stones. The smaller diamonds or gemstones in the halo reflect light, making your diamond appear even more radiant.

The combination of the larger, elegantly cut centre diamond and the surrounding smaller stones creates an eye-catching effect.

Three-Stone Setting

Imagine two smaller diamonds or gemstones artfully placed on either side of your centre stone. This arrangement symbolises the past, present, and future — a representation of the journey you've shared, the moments you cherish now, and the countless possibilities that lie ahead.

With a three-stone setting, your centre stone becomes a focal point surrounded by additional elements that add depth and character to your ring. The symmetrical layout creates a sense of harmony and unity, symbolising the continuity and progression of your journey together. Find out more about creating a bespoke design with us.

Find Your Perfect Ring

The emerald cut stands out for its exceptional elegance and timeless appeal. With its unique characteristics, including its elegant shape, the mesmerising "hall of mirrors" effect, and emphasis on internal clarity, it offers a sophisticated and refined choice for those seeking a distinctive look. 

Ready to find your perfect stone? Shop emerald cut diamonds from Niche Diamonds today.

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