Why choose a solitaire engagement ring?

Find out why the solitaire diamond engagement ring is an out-and-out classic. Although it comes in many forms, the solitaire diamond will never go out of fashion. Here are four...

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Why choose a solitaire engagement ring?

With so much choice out there, what is the appeal of a solitaire (or single stone) engagement ring and why should you want one?

Choosing an engagement ring

We know that choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting experience. You want to make the right choice, but that’s easier said than done because there's so much to consider and the stakes are so high.

Planning the perfect proposal

You want to choose a ring that your partner will love and cherish forever. A ring that looks beautiful and reflects your love for each other. You'll also likely have practical concerns. Like wanting to make sure the ring you choose is made with the best materials and craftsmanship. You likely have a budget that you need to stick to, but you don’t want to compromise on quality.

Why a diamond solitaire engagement ring is always a good choice

We understand all these concerns and we know the diamond engagement ring market can be a confusing space, with too much technical jargon. That’s why we created Niche Diamonds. Making it simple to find a beautifully made, high-quality, diamond engagement ring. One that you can be confident your fiancé will love and know will last a lifetime. And that’s why we stick to diamond solitaire engagement rings. Because we believe they offer timeless beauty and exceptional quality.

Solitaire engagement ring

Obviously at the end of the day, personal taste will also play a huge part in your decision. However, here are four reasons why we think you should choose a solitaire diamond ring.

Beautiful simplicity

There are many complicated engagement ring designs out there, from multiple stones to complex settings. While many are beautiful, we prefer the beautiful simplicity of a single stone. We think that the most valuable and visible part of your ring (the diamond) should be the focus. That doesn’t mean your ring can’t be unique, there are many different cuts and settings to choose from. But with a solitaire ring, you can focus all your attention on that single, beautiful stone and get the best quality for your budget.

A classic design that never fades

The solitaire diamond engagement ring is an out-and-out classic. It exudes class and sophistication. Although it comes in many forms, from the pretty princess cut to the square-shaped emerald cut and more modern trends such as pear and oval stones.

Solitaire engagement rings

The solitaire diamond will always be a classic that never goes out of fashion.

Impeccable quality

Diamonds are undeniably a symbol of quality. Their rarity and, subsequently, their value, have made them incredibly desirable. For many years they were associated only with royalty. Nowadays they are much more widely available - and of course, with the invention of lab grown diamonds, even more affordable. But their purity and beauty remain a symbol of the highest quality.

Forever vibes

People used to think that diamonds were pieces of fallen stars. We now know they were forged from ancient volcanic activity, deep underground. Every natural diamond is at least a billion years old and diamonds are the hardest known natural material on the planet. They have lasted many lifetimes already and it’s this timeless quality that has made them symbolic of everlasting love.

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