Bespoke ring design - uniquely yours forever

Our collection includes a wide range of engagement rings to choose from, but perhaps you’re looking for something a little bit different?

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Bespoke diamond engagement ring

Let us bring your dream ring to life with a bespoke ring design that is unique and personal to you. With expert advice on diamonds, quality and value at your disposal with Niche Diamonds.

Why choose a bespoke ring design?

Our collection includes a wide range of engagement rings to choose from, but perhaps you’re looking for something a little bit different? Maybe you have a specific design in mind? You want to make a statement with your ring, or to replicate a design that means something to you? Or it may be that you simply want a ring unlike any other?

If this sounds like you, then creating your own bespoke design may be the best way to get the ring you've been dreaming about.

 Bespoke ring design

And if you like the idea of designing your own ring but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. We specialise in making dream rings a reality. From getting every single detail as you want it, to choosing a quality diamond to suit your design, we have experts to help you with every stage. Find out more about our step by step bespoke ring design process.

Where to start on designing your bespoke ring

We always start with you. What are your hopes and desires for your ring? Have you seen something you like, or are you starting from scratch? Whether you have a clear picture of what you like (or what you don’t!) or need some further inspiration, we can help guide you through the options and bring your ideas together.

Get in touch to get the ball rolling and we can continue the conversation in whichever way works best for you.

Designing your dream diamond engagement ring

Once we’ve had a chance to discuss your ideas and bring them together into a design you are happy with, we turn them into a 3D drawing.

Bespoke ring design

See your ring brought to life with clear pricing so you can make any final tweaks before sending it to the makers! We work with quality artisans like Brown & Newirth here in the UK to ensure your ring is of the highest quality.

Choosing your own diamond

This may sound daunting, but we can give you expert advice every step of the process. From what to look for in terms of quality, as well as talking you through the different cuts available - and of course, the cost of each stone.

What will my bespoke ring cost?

We provide an expert, personal service that always has one eye on quality and the other on value. And being independent, our advice is completely impartial. We can talk you through every detail, from stones to metals, so that whatever your budget, we can get you to your dream ring.

Engagement and wedding ring sets

If you’re considering a bespoke engagement ring, you may want to consider choosing or designing your wedding ring at the same time. Choose your metal and diamonds to make your engagement and wedding ring uniquely yours.

Rings that are uniquely yours

Some people like the wedfit look, when your engagement and wedding ring sit neatly together. If you design your engagement and wedding rings together, this can be incorporated into the design. Either by making a small adaptation to the setting of your engagement ring, or by choosing or designing a wedding band shaped to sit flush against it.

Whether you like this idea or not, designing your wedding ring at the same time means you'll know they look dazzling together. Ready for the big day and looking uniquely yours forever.

Get in touch today on 01702 480 898 to find out more about our bespoke service and how we can help bring your dream ring to life.

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